Board Handbook

The Board Handbook contains a lot of good information that is very useful to a new (and sometimes a not-so-new) Board member. The official physical edition is produced by the Executive Director. The collection of pages shown below is an unofficial copy of what should be the latest versions, as of July 12, 2023.

The “pages” below are arranged in the same order as the physical handbook currently is. This order and the resulting grouping makes only marginal sense but it was kept here to make it easier for board members to correlate the two.

Once you click on the links below you’ll see a pdf file that can be enlarged, downloaded, printed, etc. Each of the “pages” below is actually a “section” and often contains more than one page. Most of the pages line up with the Contents, but not always. In some cases only the first page of many is shown just to give you an idea of what the current version is. If the “page” isn’t complete this will be noted.

So click away!

P01 – Contents
P02 – Organizational Chart
P03 – Directory
P04 – Staff List
P05 – Calendar
P06 – Audit, 2021
P07 – Annual Report, 2022
P08 – Annual Report, 2021
P09 – Budget Notes
P10 – Budget, 2022
P11 – Budget, 2021
P12 – Capital Budget, 2021
P13 – Chart of Accounts, 2021 New
P14 – Chart of Accounts, 2021 Old
P15 – Glossary of Terms
P16 – Frequently Asked Questions
P17 – Dignity Brochure
P18 – Transportation Brochure
P19 – Homemaker Brochure
P20 – Legacy Brochure
P21 – Dementia Friendly Brochure
P22 – Articles of Incorporation
P23 – IRS Determination Letter
P24 – Bylaws
P25 – Strategic Plan Process
P26 – Strategic Plan
P27 – Tactical Plan
P28 – Conflict of Interest Policy
P29 – Code of Ethics
P30 – Internal Controls
P31 – Financial Policies
P32 – Document Retention Policies
P33 – Membership Policies
P34 – Building Use Policies
P35 – Great Room Use Agreement
P36 – Personnel Policies (now complete)
P37 – Personnel Policies Addendum
P38 – Employee Rights
P39 – Crisis Management
P40 – Role of Trustees
P41 – Officer Responsibilities
P42 – Job Descriptions
P43 – Standing Committees

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